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Replacing hard drive with flash memory on older notebooks

Category: Retro-Computing

I've recently bought a "Toshiba Tecra 500s" 90's notebook on eBay. The contained hard drive still was working fine, but I needed a solution for easily sharing my files with this device, because I do not own a single floppy drive anymore.

On Amazon I've found a "44pol IDE-to-CF-Adapter" and bought it with Compact-Flash card:

For testing purposes I had to install a operating system and chose MS Dos for now. I've set up a virtual machine with VirtualBox, mounted the installing discs and finished the installation quickly. All you need to take of is to partitionate the drive as FAT with a maximum size of 2GB. Finally I've created an ISO of the virtual drive for writing onto the CF memory.

VBoxManage clonehd [old-VDI] [new-VDI] --format RAW